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"An exciting chronicle of a personal therapeutic journey through one of the most fascinating mental disorders."
- Raymond Moody, M.D.

Few psychological phenomena are more mysterious and intriguing than Multiple Personality Disorder. Here is the remarkable true story of one woman's recovery from MPD--from the severe childhood abuses that began her dissociations, to the terrifying decision to "share the family secrets", and the ultimate freedom that came with discovering a "love that doesn't hurt". You will meet some of the more than seventy personalities which made up Angela's "family", including Angie, the Boss and "the little ones". This extraordinary account gives an x-ray view into the workings of a fractured mind, and the therapeutic adventure which led to her triumphal recovery. As such, it is a roadmap for anyone who wants to discover the secrets to true healing and spiritual growth, no matter what their life circumstances.

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Here's what our readers are saying:

"I found Radical Joy to be the missing link in my quest for personal growth. I now have the tools needed to move out of the 'fear voice' that tells me I'm unable to experience fulfillment in work, relationships, family and life in general. I recommend this book to anyone wishing to recapture their dream; no matter what stood in the way, it can be healed and the dream can still manifest."
-- G.P. - Holistic nurse

"The book brings to light that joy is a real and exciting way to live our lives, experience peace and let go of the fear that has blocked these treasures all along. [An] easy to follow path to the ultimate goal we all search for. I will recommend it highly."
-- L.P. - School teacher

"Your book changed my life"
-- M.J. - Reader

GET THE BOOK THAT'S CHANGING PEOPLE'S LIVES! Discover the secrets that have been helping people transform their lives at Pressman and Associates for the past 25 years!

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: First, you will enter the "Doorway of the Mind," where you will uncover the hidden fears that block your access to happiness-and develop powerful tools for leaving them far behind. Next, you will step through the "Doorway of the Body." Here you learn techniques that unblock trauma, uncover the sources of illness and pain, and unleash your latent energy. Last, you enter the "Doorway of the Spirit," a place to get in touch with your true creative power--with remarkable exercises that yield visionary results.

AND YOU WILL BE INSPIRED each step along the way by dozens of stories from the lives of the Buddha, St. Francis, Jesus, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa, as well as ordinary men and women.

THE RESULT is a wondrous journey that allows you to use the full resources of your mind, body and spirit to find the life you've been looking for, a life filled with… RADICAL JOY!

Highlights of the Book:

36 powerful tools for shattering the roadblocks to joy • Master the techniques of "fearbusting" •  Create relationships that work • Find your true career •  Reveal the hidden forces driving your life…and take back control! •  Go on a Vision Quest to find your life's Purpose •  Take the four steps for bringing your Vision alive and creating a life that really works!

Consider this Excerpt from the book's introduction

"Something deep within us stirs when we hear the call to Joy. We have heard it before, at peak moments in our lives, but have not answered. It is said, "the greatest tragedy in life is to die with your music still in you.' Too often, we live out our 'lives of quiet desperation', never tending to the song of the soul. It is time to listen once again for the call to Joy….It is time to start attending to the longing of our depths and the whispering of our hearts. It is time to return to who we truly are, remembering that only Joy is important in the end.

Steven, a 42-year-old construction worker who was severely debilitated after a work accident, transcended his suffering and said: 'Somewhere along the line I realized that even though I can't use my body anymore, I have something more than what I had before the accident. There is a peace in me that nothing can take away, and no matter what the limits of my body, I know that life holds incredible riches and discovery in the littlest of things. It's all a great big adventure! Ordinary people are discovering an extraordinary fact: That Joy, radical Joy, is possible no matter what the limits of circumstances."

"Discovering Your Core Fear": A Sample Exercise from the Book

"The enormous power that comes from knowing your core fear is not to be underestimated. It literally holds the promise of changing your life....It will become the primary tool in your dealing effectively with life on an ongoing basis.... To begin, pick some problem in your life....Write out your problem on the left side of the first line on your paper. On the right side, write down a specific question to help you find the fear 'underneath' the problem you've just described. There are three forms of this question--choose whichever one is most helpful to you for finding the answer...:
1. Why is this upsetting to me?
2. What am I afraid will happen next?
3. What am I afraid I will miss or lose?

Write one of these questions on the right side of the paper, then record your answer to this question on the left side, underneath the first line. The answer will describe a new problem, a new fear....Again, choose one of the three questions to ask of this new problem and write it on the right side of your paper. Continue this process until you reach the core fear. You will know when you have reached the core when you have a sense of deep recognition, an 'aha!', and, often, an emotional release....Look for a feeling of 'Yes, this is what's been going on underneath it all, my entire life.' Here is an example of an actual session:

  1. FEAR: I'm afraid to commit to my girlfriend and marry her.
    QUESTION: Why is that upsetting to me?
  2. FEAR: If I marry her, I'll feel trapped.
    QUESTION: What am I afraid will happen next?
  3. FEAR: I won't get to do what I want in life.
    QUESTION: What am I afraid I will miss or lose?
  4. FEAR: I'd lose the chance to find true meaning.
    QUESTION: Why is that upsetting to me?
  5. FEAR: I'll never be completely fulfilled.
    QUESTION: What am I afraid will happen next?
  6. FEAR: My life would be empty.
    QUESTION: Why is that upsetting to me?
  7. FEAR: It feels like I wouldn't count.
    QUESTION: What am I afraid I will miss or lose?
  8. FEAR: I feel this incredible passion, this love for life, and I want to share that and make a difference. I'd never get to do that.

To learn how this man moved through his fear and discovered his fulfillment "through" marriage, see Chapter 3. To learn the techniques for releasing your core fear and transforming it into your greatest ally, see exercises #1 and #2 in Chapter 4."

Order Your Copy of Radical Joy
$12.00 for one book, $10.00 each when you buy three.
Email to order.

Radical Joy Audio Series: Adventures in Consciousness

The following Meditation Tapes are also available as a companion to the book. These tapes offer advanced practices in the ways of Radical Joy, teaching you the tools for transforming suffering and releasing limits to the realization of your highest fulfillment.

*Tape 1: The Return to Oneness
In this meditation, you will return to the moment just before the birth of creation. Hovering above the scene, we remember ourselves as high Witness, ready to move from Oneness into the human experience. With this, we stand at the moment of choice, either to birth a new world or rest in the realm of infinite possibilities. Ultimately, the two merge. We recognize the unity of "here" and "there", of "heaven" and "earth", as the Oneness infuses our lives with Joy.

*Tape 2: Remembering Who You Truly Are
Ancient teachings and Wisdom philosophies of all ages remind us that we are not yet in touch with the true Self. This accounts for the restlessness we may feel, the sense that "there must be something more". In this meditation, we are taken on a guided journey that opens a door in the deep recesses of consciousness, that we may enter through to the memory of who we truly are.

*Tape 3: Behind the Veil of Perception
Perception builds the world we see; it is the architect of our experience and reality. Getting our hands on the controls of perception, then, becomes the way to reclaim authority over our lives, mastering our minds and creating the experience we choose. This is the key to radical Joy!

*Tape 4: Releasing Fear, Embracing Joy
Fear, in its many disguises, is the only obstacle to Joy. In this tape, the tools are given to penetrate the very causes of fear, that we may release them at their source. With this, nothing stands in the way of our Joy, and we become free to radically express our true Selves, living our highest Vision.

Order Radical Joy Audio Tapes
Buy a single tape for $8.00 or order all four tapes plus the book, Radical Joy, for $39.00.
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