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Here's what our clients are saying:
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"Pressman and Associates helped me see the positive and negative patterns in my life. Understanding those patterns has been key to learning how to create positive changes for myself. Itıs enabled me, personally, to discover the tools necessary to find renewed energy, clarity and peace. It's been a life changing experience and Iım excited about what I've learned so far."
--A.L., Professional Organizer

"Pressman and Associates has helped me to redirect my energy and efforts in my business to achieve goals that were not only realistic but manageable and profitable. These choices were also better suited to my personal life but, more importantly, truly reflected my inner self. Thank you for the tremendous improvement in the quality and substance of my life."
--R.D., Physician, Entrepeneur

"Pressman and Associates has helped me learn how to work smarter, not harder. I consulted them as a small business owner faced with meeting the daily needs of staff and clients; there was little time left to meet my own needs. As a result of my work with Pressman and Associates, I am putting in half the hours and running a more productive business with happier staff and clients. And, oh yes, I am a much happier employer and human being who is opening up to opportunities that I never knew existed."
--AHK, Pre-school owner

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Executive Coaching

Life Coaching

Executive Coaching

The Center for Management Excellence at Pressman and Associates

In recent years, American business has become ever-more focused on excellence and efficiency. Motivational seminars have cropped up everywhere, providing short-term, superficial measures to increase productivity, reduce stress or build morale. However, the catch-phrases of these programs create no real change or lasting difference. What's missing is a deep understanding of how people--and therefore businesses--operate. In order to thrive in today's market, this deeper view is critical. The highly-trained, credentialed staff at The Center for Management Excellence can unlock the true potential of your business. With a penetrating, x-ray view into the hidden workings of your business, you can achieve unprecedented levels of success, productivity and fulfillment.

Martin Luther King once said, "If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep the streets as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry."

Excellence inspires us. With this inspiration, a business becomes infused with life; its people enlivened. The ingredients of excellence are simple: A compelling vision, a solid strategy and especially, a disciplined approach for implementing this vision.

About the Center for Management Excellence

We are a team of highly-credentialed professionals. Our expertise in human behavioral systems uniquely qualifies us to work with your business--understanding its needs, its obstacles and pitfalls, as well as its potentials. We have worked with Olympic and professional athletes. Their levels of performance improved dramatically. We've worked with businesses large and small. Their productivity and sales reached record levels.

Our management philosophy is simple--a business, like a human being, has a psychology; a way of operating based on hidden drives and beliefs. Uncover these drives and beliefs, find the most effective outlets for their expression, and you'll optimize your business' performance.

Here's what our clients are saying.

About the Performance Breakthroughs Program

This program will provide you with the tools for reaching unprecedented levels of productivity, success, and satisfaction. During this course you will:

  • Create a strategic design for growing your business.
  • Increase productivity as measured by criteria you set.
  • Reduce health-care costs and absenteeism through advanced stress-management techniques.
  • Reduce Workers' Compensation costs by reducing stress-related injuries and helping the injured employee quickly return to work.
  • Experience more fulfillment and satisfaction in your work and personal life.
  • Receive specialized testing and in-depth interviews to analyze the particular challenges of your business.

Survey: Effectiveness of the Performance Breakthroughs Program

We surveyed a sampling of our clients and found the following results:

  • "What is the likely increase in SALES as a result of our work together?"... 55%
  • "What is the percent decrease in ABSENTEEISM as a result of our work?"... 50%
  • "What is the decrease in MEDICAL COSTS from stress-related problems?"... 45%
  • "What is the increase in SATISFACTION in the workplace?"... 70%
  • "What is the increase in EMPLOYEE MORALE as a result of our work?"... 231%
  • "What is the estimated TIME SAVED as a result of our work?"... 33%
  • "What is your overall level of SATISFACTION with our work?"... 98%
  • "Doing more of what I want"... 40%
  • "Making better business choices"... 40%
  • "Improved relationships with clients"... 50%

Download survey results as a PDF.

Curriculum for the Performance Breakthrough Program

  • "Designing your goals: Blueprint for fulfillment. - You are the architect of your worklife.
  • The problem: Hidden Assumptions (H.A.s) which distort our Vision.
  • The fundamental obstacle to excellence: The "Automatic Response" (A.R.) to our H.A.s.
  • The solution: Bypassing the Automatic Response, "doing the opposite".
  • Creating a Vision for your work life: Freedom from the Hidden Assumption and Automatic Response is the key to Visionary Leadership.
  • Team building: Creating vibrant, healthy and fulfilling work relationships.
  • Sensitivity training--Deeply understanding each other; we all share the same H.A.s and A.R.; we all want a better way.
  • Communication skill-building--Communicating without the distorting filter of your H.A.s and A.R.
  • Exposing the illusion of your H.A.
  • Assessing how your H.A.s influence your decisions (at work and in life).
  • Leadership training.
  • Confidence-building: Working through the H.A.s and A.R.s which sabotage confidence.
  • Taking responsibility for one's role as if it were their own business.
  • Self-Expression: Removing the obstacles (A.R.s and H.A.s) to putting one's whole self into their work.
  • Discovering the power to choose differently: the paradigm shift.
  • Mindfulness training--"embracing" the H.A.
  • Advanced Stress Management.
  • Building concentration and focus.
  • Mindfulness training to focus attention for extraordinary clarity and mental prowess.
  • Constructing networks of support—getting the job done.
  • Overcoming the resistance to asking for help: Making sure goals get met.
  • Working through the fear of rejection, the need to save face, trying to "look good".
    • "Would you rather be right or happy?".
    • Giving up our "rights"--serving the larger Purpose.
    • Review and fulfillment of goals.

Download this curriculum as a PDF.

Case Study

An already successful two hundred person manufacturing company employed our services after a recent move. Their goals were to improve performance, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce the stress imposed by the move. A team of our experts came in to study the environment. Interviews with select personnel and testing for needs assessment were performed. This resulted in the establishment of weekly group sessions in the Sales Department, specially selected for the project. Additionally, on-site "curbside" consultation was made available for all personnel to come to on an as-needed basis.

The results were dramatic: Sales increased by 45%, absenteeism was reduced by 50%, and medical costs resulting from stress-related problems were also decreased by 50%. Verbal reports from randomly selected employees gave compelling testimony to a basic truth: when given the structure to express themselves, become involved, and act on their interests, people respond with greater productivity and higher quality in their work product.

To find out what we can do for your business, or to receive a brochure, contact us:

The Center for Management Excellence
Pressman and Associates
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Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
phone: 856-857-5040

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a dynamic, results-oriented approach to living an extraordinary life. It differs from counseling in that it focuses exclusively on helping you define and clarify your goals and then taking the actions to reach those goals with power and with purpose. The chief "work" of coaching is to vigorously move through the obstacles to your goals, that you may see real results in the timeframe you set.

It is said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting different results". Life coaching takes a person out of the rut of creating the same unfulfilling experiences, to recreate who you are and redesign your life according to your highest ideals.

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Holistic strategies for questions of meaning, purpose and growth.

703 Sheppard Road
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
phone: 856-857-5040


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