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Here's what our clients are saying:

"We would encourage anyone that is experiencing issues in their relationship to contact Pressman and Associates. Their true compassion and desire to help us was evident from our first visit. Their counseling helped us both to recognize the things that were causing problems for us in our relationship. Working with them has greatly strengthened our lives and relationship with each other and we would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for guidance and help. Thank you!"
-- N.P. & G.P Cherry Hill

"When our marriage was greatly in need of repair, Pressman and Associates helped gently guide us to understanding and growth as a couple. They helped us cultivate a relationship that allows us to express our emotional needs and communicate at a much more effective level. Without their guidance, intelligence, and compassionate spirit, our marriage would not have endured life's challenges. We thank them."
-- G.A. & L.A. Mullica Hill

The Relationships Counseling Program at Logos Wellness

Loneliness, isolation, feeling invisible, like you don't really matter...these are some of the most painful experiences in life. And that's why we all seek relationships. The hunger for relationship is perhaps the most powerful drive of all. It compels us to do extraordinary things...both positive and negative. It is responsible for many of the major decisions of our lives. From marriage to children, career and finances, politics and war, relationships literally make the world go 'round.

Clearly, the challenge of a successful relationship can be daunting. We spend our lives longing for fulfillment with another person or people and can create quite a complicated web in the process! Layer upon layer of confusion, misunderstanding, hurt and unfulfilled expectation accumulate through a lifetime to leave us bewildered and in pain about "what went wrong".

THE REAL CHALLENGE OF ANY RELATIONSHIP IS TO REMOVE THE BARRIERS THAT HIDE THE TRUE SELF. This is the secret of intimacy. We must learn how to open the gates to who we really are in order to join with another and experience the fulfillment we seek. When we are intimate with another person, we feel joined with them, a deep empathy and resonance that can be amongst the most meaningful experiences in life. It is called love -- not necessarily the fairy-tale kind of living "happily ever after" is more challenging than that. But with the right tools and a deep understanding of the barriers that cause us to hide ourselves and bump up against each other, we can find the true experience of intimacy and live lives that are joyful, meaningful, whole and complete.

At Pressman and Associates, we have these tools and will guide you through the pitfalls to create truly fulfilling relationships. We use a combination of deep insight into the sources of the conflicts you are experiencing, and action-oriented "tasks" to move through the barriers to intimacy -- powerfully and thoroughly. Communication skills are only the beginning. Once one becomes adept at the process of self-understanding, it's easy to see how to stop the same old tired patterns that get us into trouble, and then navigate through the other person's barriers as well. And once past these barriers, you will develop the skills to ask for what you truly want in a way that no longer arouses the other's defenses, and help them do the same. For the great discovery of this kind of work is this: People actually WANT to give you the love you seek. Only their fear of not getting it in return keeps them from doing so. When one person in the partnership finds the keys to asking for or giving love in a way that does not threaten the other, a happy outcome is inevitable.

The Relationships Program at Pressman and Associates is unsurpassed in its effectiveness at getting you the kind of relationship you want...deep, intimate and fulfilling. We will teach you how to:

  • Identify the hidden assumptions which create the problems in your relationships,
  • Learn the technique of "doing the opposite" to let go of defensiveness,
  • Set goals for creating exactly the kinds of relationships you want,
  • Build a powerful support system for seeing these goals to fruition!

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