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Please note: Any of the following workshops or seminars can be brought to your area. Or we would be happy to tailor a presentation (lecture, workshop or seminar) to meet your needs. Please call Pressman and Associates at Logos Wellness to discuss details.

The Radical Joy Workshop

This seminar, based on Dr. Pressman's groundbreaking book "Radical Joy", gives an in-depth overview of some of the most effective techniques in holistic therapeutic approaches. In holistic psychotherapy, mind, body and spirit are addressed to move us into our true state of wholeness. When all three aspects are fully resolved and integrated, we have the key to genuine freedom, authentic living, and the discovery of a deep sense of purpose in our lives.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Understanding the nature of suffering from a holistic perspective, and how to resolve it.
  • Revisiting the creation story to distinguish the causes of separation and fear.
  • Discovering the core fear and chief defense that create one's personality.
  • Undergoing a "Vision Quest" to find one's "picture of fulfillment".
  • Translating this Vision into the "Ingredients for Whole Living".
  • Laying out the structures for making the Vision work in everyday life.

Call for dates, location and other details

Here's what our clients are saying:

"Ten years ago, I began a journey of discovery aided by the text of 'A Course in Miracles' and Pressman and Associates' remarkable insight into its meaning. Their incredibly astute and unusually intuitive knowledge of human psychology has transformed my life and brought peace and joy to all my has enabled me to see all of life, including its pain, through a new lens."
--P.W., Vice President of Planning and Business Development

"My first encounter with Pressman and Associates was when I attended one of their workshops and quickly learned how kind, thoughtful, and informative they were. Their knowledge and understanding of the problems that were conveyed that evening convinced me that this was the place that I had been looking for. I was not disappointed, and today I can honestly say that because of Logos Wellness, I have walked through the fear and found peace."
--AF, Reiki practitioner

"Pressman and Associates offers a variety of modalities that nurture changes in consciousness and has been a primary vehicle for my personal growth. Over the years I have participated in "A Course in Miracles" group, breath workshops, weekend retreats and individual psychotherapy. The dedicated, educated and compassionate staff have a passion for what they do--waking us up to the truth of who we really are. I deeply value their presence in my life as I travel the road to self-discovery and inner peace."
--J.G., Massage therapist, Librarian

Infertility Support Group

This ongoing infertility support group addresses the myriad issues women and couples may face during the infertility process. Topics covered include: stress management, coping skills, relationship challenges, how to make treatment decisions, pregnancy loss and third party reproductive options. Educational and resource information will be provided.

Dates and Times: Every other Monday from 6:00 - 730 p.m.
Location: 703 Sheppard Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043
Cost: $40 per person per session, $55 per couple per session

The Wisdom of Menopause

This mind-body-spirit focused group will address issues important to women during menopausal years. Come laugh and cry as we support each other for the wonderful women we are!

Please call for dates and times: 856-857-5040

"A Course in Miracles" Group Therapy

An intensive, applied approach to the teachings and practice of "A Course in Miracles", one of the most inspiring and powerful paths for personal growth on the planet today.

The core message of "A Course in Miracles" is this: That nothing in the world has a power over us to cause us fear or to disturb our peace and fulfillment. With this, we come to know the true meaning of freedom.

Cost: $40 per session (Insurance may reimburse; in certain cases, we can bill the insurance for you).
Location: 703 Sheppard Road Voorhees, NJ 08043
Dates and Times: Every other Thursday from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Transpersonal Breathwork

This remarkable technique combines deep, fast breathing, with highly evocative music to open up dramatically expanded states of consciousness. Whether it is through working out historical issues, re-experiencing the birth process, or tapping into other (transpersonal) dimensions of reality, this workshop will bring you in direct contact with the most essential experiences needed to achieve profound, often life-changing healing and growth.

Call for dates and other information

A Weekend Retreat: The Adventure of Self-Discovery

The signature piece in our workshop offerings, this retreat incorporates Transpersonal Breathwork, Gestalt group process, Psychodrama and the teachings of "A Course in Miracles" in the context of a healing community. (See descriptions above for details on these techniques). Come with your intentions set for a weekend to begin living the journey to your highest aspirations!

Call for dates and other information



Holistic strategies for questions of meaning, purpose and growth.

703 Sheppard Road
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
phone: 856-857-5040


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