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Todd E. Pressman, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist as well as an international lecturer and workshop leader. He has been widely recognized for his work with A course in miracles and Transpersonal Breathwork. His book Radical Joy: Awakening Your Potential for True Fulfillment has also received high acclaim.

Dr. Pressman has traveled the world to study the great Wisdom and healing traditions. In 1982, he spent time with a Zen master in a monastery in Kyoto, stayed with a Jain family whose reverence for life had them put out sugar each night to feed the ants, met and exchanged with one of only eight remaining Zoroastrian high priests outside the Fire Temples of Bombay, and witnessed authentic fire walking and other fakir ceremonies in Sri Lanka.

His education also includes an internship in Gestalt therapy at the Esalen Institute and training under Stanislav Grof, M.D. in the Spiritual Emergency Network. With a background deeply rooted in tradition (he was trained by a father whose teachers were taught by Sigmund Freud), he has integrated this wide-ranging experience into a new program of psycho-spiritual development. His working model is based on Michelangelo's ideal: to release the statue from the stone, the high spiritual Self from the overlays of imposed identity, into the discovery of true freedom, joy and fulfillment.

Pamela Fawcett Pressman, M.Ed., LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) has been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 1987. Having been on staff in the department of psychiatry at the leading university medical centers in Philadelphia since 1985, she combines her traditional training in psychology with her personal interest in women's issues, health care and spirituality. She is committed to providing grounded, holistic treatment to individuals and couples.

In 2002, she created The Infertility Counseling Program at Pressman and Associates, a program to help those struggling with issues of infertility and family building. Her passion is to help people achieve joy and success as they define it, in developing fulfilling relationships, expressing hidden talents , and creating meaningful work.

Catherine M. Duzenski, L.C.S.W. holds a Clinical License in Social Work and is certified in Clinical Social Work Supervision, Child-Youth-Family Social Work and Hospital Social Work as well.

Cathy's areas of focus include children, adolescents, groups and families. She uses a combination of psychodynamic theory, family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, creative therapeutic approaches through play and drawing, and behavioral modification.

Cathy believes that a solid therapeutic relationship with her clients is a must, and a trusting and supportive environment is the essential mantra to good therapeutic work. As Cathy states, "It is a privilege…when [a client] allows us into the realm of their vulnerabilities….We have a responsibility to offer them the best quality care in the most conducive environment possible." Her professional knowledge coupled with her life experience gives Cathy a deep ability to listen honestly, understand sincerely, empathize in a heartfelt way and offer genuine respect for the human condition…whatever it may be.

Denise Deshon, M.A. has been affiliated with Pressman and Associates for more than 15 years. She received her Master's degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy in 1981 and spent 6 years working in social services, first, helping victims of domestic violence and then, as the director of an outpatient addictions center. Denise provides Biofeedback services at Pressman and Associates, and has extensive training and expertise in this modality. She has found it to be tremendously effective in teaching stress management techniques and working with clients experiencing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, various Anxiety Disorders, as well as sleep disturbances.

Denise is also the Biofeedback Coordinator for the Infertility Counseling Program at Pressman and Associates. She finds great reward in working with couples and individuals who are struggling with the myriad issues they face when seeking to become parents.


For Philadelphia marriage counseling, please contact our colleague Murie Pressman.


Holistic strategies for questions of meaning, purpose and growth.

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